We are a Specialty Chemicals Clean Tech Enterprise

   commercializing unique Hyper Low Carbon Technology

      for advanced fuel additives and specialty chemicals

          in the global energy markets

With a global car fleet heading to 2 billion by 2035, the world has an ever-expanding and urgent need for cleaner energy solutions.

Our mission is to provide advanced clean fuel additives technologies that contributes to tackling that complex challenge with a breakthrough environmental and economic value proposition.

The earth is an abundant provider, but there is a delicate balance that must be maintained.

    It is our obligation, and our firm commitment,

    to tread softly and make best use of our

    technology to help maintain that balance.

As a Clean Tech enterprise, we are committed to the highest sustainability standards.

Hyper-Low Carbon Technology®

  • Our Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage ("CCUS") manufacturing process captures over 90% of the carbon dioxide emissions and reusing them so they will not enter the atmosphere.

  • Our overall carbon footprint (“GHG Life Cycle Analysis”) is close to 50% lower than current commercially available renewable fuel additives


OctaneX® Clean Technologies

  • Our fuel additives solutions improve vehicle MPG efficiencies and reduce fuel consumption

  • Our patented formula lowers greenhouse gas tailpipe emissions such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, CO2, NOx and VOCs



International and Seasoned C-level Leadership Team with deep Clean Energy and Specialty Chemicals expertise, and proven track records in the commercialization of innovative technologies


Standard Alcohol is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of notable industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and business executives with deep international business development expertise.


Standard Alcohol's executive management team is comprised of global executives with seasoned CEO & CFO backgrounds, deep industry experience and proven track records in the commercialization of innovative technologies.


Standard Alcohol nurtures partnerships with world-class supply chain specialty chemicals, technology and financial enterprises to advance its cutting-edge technology, and offers a range of attractive business models across U.S., Asia and Europe..

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