Innovative Fuel Technology

Standard Alcohol is an Intellectual Property (IP) licensing and holding company, focused on alternative fuels and specialty chemical technologies, based in Denver, Colorado.  

At the core of Standard Alcohol’s Intellectual Property (IP) is a modern adaptation of an early 20th century fuel manufacturing technology, globally deployed at very large scale for the production of Methanol and other synthetic hydrocarbons, such as diesel fuel.  The process is generally known as Thermo-Catalytic, Gas-to-Liquids (GTL).  

Standard Alcohol’s proprietary catalysts and processes efficiently convert Natural Gas (or any gasified hydrocarbon, including coal or bio-derived feedstock(s)) into a low cost, EPA approved, high performance, biodegradable, Mixed Alcohol fuel.  This patented blend of fuel contains up to ten linear-chained alcohols (C1-C10), is optimally designed for use in internal combustion engines, and is EPA approved for blending into both gasoline and diesel supplies in all fifty states.

With significant new investment in 2010, Standard Alcohol embarked on a comprehensive 18 month pilot and bench test program.  In the end, the program exceeded all expectations and went further to demonstrate several derivative applications and potential feed-stock options leveraging the proprietary catalyst and corresponding processes.

In March 2012, Standard Alcohol elected several new Directors from the Finance, Energy and Specialty Chemicals sectors, as well as deepening the management team with seasoned executives that have a track record of commercializing technologies and bringing multiple Gas to Liquids (GTL) technologies to market for such notables such as Sasol and Shell Oil.  The company has recently embarked on a highly focused effort to scale-up the technology to "Refinery Scale" and fully commercialize the business, with the aim to make its products commercially available by 2015.


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